atmospheric effects

Trailers that best showcase and highlight our atmospheric special effects such as wind, fire and explosions, snow and rain.

Deep Rising

Special Effects Coordinator - A great example of our fire and explosions capabilities.


Special Effects Coordinator - We are the proud owner of "Fanzilla", the largest fan in the tri-state. This incredible fan (which was used in the film "Twister") can cool an entire football stadium 10 degrees in 5 minutes and is quieter than a car doing 60pmh! This gas powered fan is also for rent and can mount cameras to catch a crowd reaction. Call or click for rental inquiries.


What better example of the use of our massive rain machines than "Wetlands?" We also did all the special effects in Waterworld... it was a toss up.

night at the museum

Remeber the snow coevering all of Central Park? That was us too!

i am legend

Chauvet builds our custom fog machines for each project we are on. Ours fog machines work better than anyone’s on the planet because we calculate what we need for the boiler heating elements, pumps and other components.


For this incredible shot we set up and rigged over 360 cameras that only shot 3 seconds each. Every shot had to go off in front of each camera perfectly, which it did flawlessly giving us this legendary sequence you see here. 

on star

We did a series of commercials for Onstar starring the one and only batman.

backstreet boys music video

In the true fashion of legendary ideas, SFXNY founder Phil Beck was handed a couple airlines napkins with some ideas sketched on them for the "Larger Than Life" music video and simply told to "build it." Nine days later the video was completely finished and is known today as the 3rd most expensive music video ever made. 

for a comprehensive list please visit phil's imdb